Social Media Marketing

Social media is a vital tool in business today. Knowing how to feed to hungry beast and make it work for you will lead to online success.

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$400.00 (inc. GST)

This jam-packed course will give you the confidence to present authentically online. You’ll learn why it is important and how your clients are craving a connection with you. How is your business looking online? How are you perceived? Learn about social media awareness and how to best put your brand forward. Peta, the queen of blogs will share some quick tips on getting yours off the ground, and some reminders on clear messaging to your potential clients and customers. Peta shares some fantastic tips on scheduling, what to post and when to get the professionals in. A course for your business toolbox that will provide great information on all things social media.

This course is included in my training program, The Bold Moves to Win Big in Business.