Webinar - Leadership in Crisis (Fri 24th April)

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Friday 24th April


1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

$35.00 (inc. GST)

“Leaders will be determined by their handling of critical events that no one could possibly anticipate or plan for.” – Tom Peters

This new COVID-19 landscape we have been thrown into is calling us to review, refocus and reset. Your leaderships skills more than ever are critical to your sustainability and influence. This live webinar will give you real actionable steps to put in place to ensure you are leading with positive impact and guiding your team.

We are all leaders, not just business owners. Whether we are parents, teachers, uncles and aunties, or friends, we all have the ability to influence someone. This webinar will give you the tools you need to navigate that responsibility during these uncertain times.

This webinar will run on Friday 24th April at 1pm. Keep an eye on your inbox and I will send you the link on the morning of the webinar.